Master Facebook in Your Business

Learn all aspects of Facebook in 10 minute snaps of content (videos)

Optimise Your Page for Optimum Results

Go through your page step by step to set up the front and the back end to deliver results

Customer Focused Communities

Understand the algorithm and all functionality to create compelling content that engages your audience and build community

Latest Developments and Features

From Facebook Live to advertising, events and groups. Stay up to date with the ever changing Facebook landscape.

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Your Masterclass Includes

  •  80 video tutorials over 8 weeks (more than 10 hrs of learning). 
  • Video snaps are 10 minutes or less, step by step, to follow along
  • 2 live coaching webinars
  • Ongoing access to all recordings and updates

  • Weekly task checklist and weekly challenge

  • Membership to a closed Facebook group for coaching, questions and collaboration

Module 1: Optimizing Your Page

This week covers:

  • How to set up a Facebook page and how to choose the right page type
  • General page settings
  • Managing your Facebook page and customer service settings
  • Preferred page audience
  • Featured pages and notifications

Module 2: Your Page Design

This week's modules include:

  • How to verify your Facebook page
  • Detailed functionality to get you connected
  • Designing a visually appealing page to wow your customers
  • Setting up a shop and services tab that deliver results
  • How to build a thriving customer community

Module 3: Creating Compelling Content

In this module we cover:

  • Understanding and working with the Facebook algorithm
  • Organic reach is NOT dead - but how do you get it?
  • The elements of a perfect Facebook post
  • Setting up and scheduling an engaging content stream

Module 4: Customer Service and Reputation Management

These modules include:

  • Using Facebook Messenger to delight your customers
  • Utilising local or industry groups to promote your business
  • Creating raving fans and a solid review strategy
  • Dealing with negative criticism 

Module 5: Facebook Events and Competitions

This week we cover:

  • How to maximise the functionality of Facebook Events in creative ways
  • Facebook Event photo filters
  • Facebook Events for running a competition
  • How to conduct a Facebook competition without breaking the rules

Module 6: Facebook Advertising

This week is all about:

  • How and why do Facebook Ads work?
  • How to create custom audiences
  • Pixel and conversion fundamentals
  • Creating ads that feed your business

Module 7: Facebook Insights

These modules cover:

  • How and what to measure
  • Delve into each category of insights
  • Likes, reach, views, sentiment, customer responsiveness, we cover it all!

Module 8: Advanced Skills & Tactics

In our last week we cover:

  • Advanced Ads strategies
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Live
  • Advanced skills and strategies
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