10 Social Media Content Ideas for September 2018

If you don't know what kind of content to create for your business on social media, here are 10 content ideas to get you started for September!

 1. 1st September – First day of Spring (for the Southern Hemisphere)

Spring has finally sprung! You can celebrate this day on social media with a spring special or if you are in the health and wellness field, it is a great time to set some new goals! Encourage your communities to share theirs for extra support and encouragement. You could also share an inspirational quote about new beginnings or ask your audience what they love most about spring!

2. 1st - 8th September – International Literacy Day and Adult Learners Week 

International Literacy Day is on the 8th September and is celebrated for a whole week in Australia with Adult Learners’ Week (1st – 8th).

This is the week to celebrate learning in all its forms. Whether your business provides education or you just want to teach your communities something useful and relevant, there is plenty you could share.

3. 1st September – World Beard Day

World Beard Day is the perfect opportunity to have some fun in your workplace. If you have a beard (or if you don’t – purchase a fake one) then grab some glitter and start decorating! Post some silly beard photos online for your customers to enjoy.

If you have any products that relate to men's grooming - this is the time to promote them! 

4. 2nd September – Father’s Day 

Father’s Day is a day to show appreciation to all the amazing achievements and efforts made by Fathers and fatherly figures.

This day is obviously a huge opportunity for retail businesses! But any business can celebrate the Dads in their business, in their online communities, amongst their customers or their own. You could share a meaningful quote or image or encourage some user-generated content from your communities.

5. 4th September – Wildlife Day

The aim of Wildlife Day is to be the voice for the voiceless – the animals - and to promote the importance of protecting and raising awareness of endangered species.

To do your bit on Wildlife day, share some facts with your followers about endangered wildlife species or if your business works closely with animals you could organize a fundraising event and promote it via social media. What better day to share a beautiful image or quote about wildlife - this kind of content gets great engagement if you make it relevant to your audience!

6. 5th September – International Day of Charity

If you’re a charity organization then the International Day of Charity is the day for you. Promote the importance of charity to your followers and create an online campaign around this day to garner some extra support.

If you are a business, this day is the perfect day to give a shout out to your favourite charity and let your communities know why they are important to you. This kind of endorsement is very valuable to charities and they will be grateful for your online influence!

7. 9th September – Grandparent’s Day

Where would we be in life without our grandparents or those who act in a grandparently way? Today is the day to celebrate the knowledge, wisdom and generosity of older generations and to acknowledge what they contribute to our society.

This is a great day to ask your communities what they love (or miss) most about their grandparents. This kind of content that is meaningful to people, is a great way to get conversations happening on your profiles.

8. 14th September – R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day is a national day of action dedicated to reminding people to ask friends, family and colleagues the question - "R U OK?”

If you think you might know someone I need of some support, then reach out to them and ask.

For businesses involved with counselling and mental health, take this day to promote R U OKAY? Day on social media and remind others to check in around them.

9. 21st September – International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is all about (yep you guessed it) peace! This is the ideal time to share some exercises and helpful tips that others could use to find peace within themselves or with others.

This is the perfect day for sharing something inspirational to remind people to be more mindful and peaceful.

10. 22nd September – Oktoberfest begins in Germany

Later this month Oktoberfest (beer festival and travelling fun fair) celebrations begin in Germany!

If you work in hospitality then this event is perfect for you to celebrate. Try having Oktoberfest specials or hold an event in celebration of Oktoberfest and promote it on social media.

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