10 Social Media Content Ideas for July 2019

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2019

It's the second half of the year and a great time to review those social media goals and your strategy.  Right now is the ideal time to look at your plan and adjust your goals for the second half of the year. In the meantime, we have created 10 content ideas for you to get started on this month of July.

  1. 1st July – Second Half of the Year

This is the perfect day to review your goals and strategy and see whether you are on track to reach your targets this year. You could create a post of what your business has accomplished or you could encourage your fans and followers to reflect on their own goals and progress. Being supportive and encouraging of your audience, in whichever field you are in, is a great way to build relationship, trust and likeability! 

  1. 1st July - International Joke Day

Did you know that on average, children between 0-4 laugh 200-400 times a day, while adults only laugh about 4-20 times a day? International joke day is the perfect time to have a little fun with your audience.

Share your favourite joke or a meme or comic could work too!

  1. 3rd July - International Plastic Bag Free Day

Did you know – the average lifespan of a reusable bag can equal over 700 disposable plastic bags. International Plastic Bag Free Day aims to heighten the awareness of a plastic bag free world. We can all take part by bringing our own over plastic. If you are in retail, today is the perfect day to showcase what you do to reduce plastic bag use. It's a great day to ask your followers their tips for remembering their reusable bags when they go shopping! 

  1. 4th July - Independence Day (USA)

4th July is America’s anniversary from independence from Great Britain in 1776. On this day families celebrate with picnics and BBQs. Why not show support on this day by creating a happy 4th July post for your social media platforms. Post pictures of how you celebrated your day and ask your followers to do the same and share it with you.

  1. 7 July - Chocolate Day

Love good chocolate? Have a little fun on this day and share your chocolate habit! It's a great day to encourage user generated content by asking your fans and followers to share their favourite chocolate treat.

  1. 15 July - World Youth Skills Day

This day encourages young people to develop and accelerate new skills to better themselves and enrich their surrounding communities. UNESCO-UNEVOC has a Photo Competition this year for photographers. Be sure to learn more here. This day can be used to encourage the younger members in your social following to show off their hidden skills and post them on your social media to give them recognition this day.

Or you could showcase what you do in your business to mentor, support or employ young people! Today would be a great day to do a staff/intern profile!

  1. 18 July - Nelson Mandela International Day

Mandela Day is a day for all to take part in giving back to the community. Nelson Mandela has many memorable and reflective quotes. Choose one today that will motivate and inspire your fans and followers to think about how they can give back to their local community. #MandelaDay 

  1. 21 July - Ice Cream Day

Fancy some ice cream? Today is the day. Whether you give a shout out to your favourite local ice cream joint or ask your fans and followers to share their ice cream photos or stories, have a bit of fun with this one. Who doesn't like ice cream?

  1. 28 July - National Tree Day (Australia)

For those those if us in Australia, you can be part of this event by registering your name here. Search for one of the hundreds of community planting events taking place around Australia and have your family, workers or friends take part. Make sure you share the experience on your socials! Many local council programs have free trees available for rate payers. Find out what your local council does and share it with your fans and followers! 

  1. 30 July - International Day of Friendship

Today is International Day of Friendship! This day was created in 2011 by the UN General Assembly to promote the idea that friendships can inspire peace efforts and bring communities together. Shoutout the friends that have helped your business flourish or share a beautiful quote to help others reflect on their own friendships and support networks.

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