10 Social Media Content Ideas for August 2019

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

This month we have another 10 trending days that may help inspire great content for your business on social media. If you want more tools and resources to really make social media work for your business, join our FREE 5 Day Social Media Success Challenge - which starts on Monday 5th August!

Here's your inspiration for the month! 

  1. 1st August - WORLD WIDE WEB DAY

How often do you start your day by opening your social medal accounts, opening emails and browsing through the latest headlines? For over two decades people have enjoyed the benefits of using the internet and all it has to offer. World Wide Web Day is celebrated on 1st August  of every year. Today is the day to share how the WWW impacts your business. 


Most people claim that speaking in front of a crowd is their greatest fear, yet the ability to give a speech is one of the most valued professions to date. That is why Professional Speakers day is celebrated every year on the 7th of August. Today you may share your next big speaking event or give a big shout-out to your favourite public speaker. Who inspires you in your business? Make today about them! Make sure you use the hashtag #Professionalspeakersday.

  1. 9th August - BOOK LOVERS DAY

9th August is Book Lovers Day!Today is the day to share the book or books that have helped you in your business or niche/industry area. Maybe do a mini book review? It is also a great day to inspire user generated content. Ask people to share a photo of the cover of their favourite book (that relates to your business) or maybe the place they most love to read? 

  1. 12th August - WORLD ELEPHANT DAY

Due to threats to their natural habitats, ivory trading and poachers, elephants are on the list of endangered species. This day aims to conserve and protect elephants as well as spread awareness about the critical threats they face. Use this day to educate your followers about elephants. Donate and encourage your fan base to donate a fund to a foundation dedicated to protecting elephants from poachers.


Youth has a very important role to play in society, that is why International Youth Day aims to promote ways to engage them in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities. The best way to mark this day is to celebrate the young people in your business or your life. Maybe today you acknowledge your children and how they support you in running your business or focus on a staff profile for any young people you have working for you. You can also use the hashtag #InternationalYouthDay or #YouthDay to post on social media with a beautiful quote.


Did you know 10% of the population are left-handed? This day celebrates the uniqueness and differences of left-handers all around the world. Are you left handed? Today is YOUR day! If not, you could focus on one of the many geniuses in our history who were left handed!

  1. 16th August - ELVIS' DEATH

Elvis Presley was an American popular singer widely known as ‘King of Rock and Roll’. Presley was a teen idol of his decade, more importantly he served as a great cultural catalyst of his period. This year is the 41st anniversary of his death at the tender age of 42. Celebrate Elvis Presley by posting your favourite Elvis song or film. Or better still, ask your fans and followers for their favourites! There are also plenty of good comics, gifs and memes of Elvis - so maybe today is a day for a bit of lighthearted content.


A humanitarian’s goal is to save lives, relieve suffering and maintain human dignity. This day is to pay tribute to those workers who put their lives in danger working in humanitarian causes from all over the world. Celebrate this day sharing about your favourite humanitarian aid organisation. This is a great time to use the Facebook Donate button in your post to encourage your supporters to also support the cause! Remember to use the hashtag #WorldHumanitarianDay.

  1. 19th August - PHOTOGRAPHY DAY

Photography Day aims to inspire photographers across the world to share a single photo with a simple purpose. Smart phones make it easier than ever to take a snap of anything and everything. Today is the perfect day to set a theme (related to your business) and ask people to take a photo of that or share their best image related to the theme.  #PhotographyDay.

  1. 26th August - WOMAN’S EQUALITY DAY

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on 26th August every year. This day celebrates the anniversary of the 19th Amendment adoption passed by the United States Congress to the Constitution that grants women with full and equal voting rights back in 1920. It's the perfect day to celebrate a female role model or an inspirational quote from or about a female leader. You can use #Woman’sEqualityDay in your posts!

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